Teal Green Crescent Vintage Wedding Beads, 7 pieces, 13x22mm

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African Wedding Beads have long been some of my personal favorites, and these crescent-shaped ones are super-special and rare. Their vibrant color and whimsical look is so joyous! I have broken apart an entire strand of this shape, and I will be listing loose beads in a variety of color mixes. These beads are great for earrings, bracelet accents, and other jewelry designs.

Large crescent shape in assorted sizes, measuring approximately 13x22mm and 5mm thick. They are drilled through the top rounded part. These beads were made in the Czech Republic in the 1950's, and exported into Africa (Mali).

They are called "Wedding Beads" because on her wedding day, a bride would be given a necklace of these beads, collected by the women near and dear to her. These beads have been traded through multiple venues, hence the wear and tear on them, which adds to their beauty.

Some beads have scratches on their surface, pits in the glass, or some of the surface pattern is worn off. This is what makes them unique, and adds to the intrigue and beauty.

This listing is for the exact beads you see here, a total of 7 in striated sea green beads.

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