Vintage Hmong Tribal Textile, Embroidered Cotton Wall Hanging

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This beautifully embroidered cloth comes from the Hmong Tribe in the northern region of Thailand. Incredibly rich and vibrant embroidery. The center panel is green satin, with rich neon pink, pops of yellow and blue. Amazing stitches, lace, and ric-rac add texture to the overall look.

This tribal fabric is so "now," and the possibilities for its use are endless! The bright neon bags that you see everywhere are made from this amazing fabric. Try your own hand at sewing some tribal fashion or home decor! Handbag, pillow, jeans accents, skirt, to name a few ideas. Or hang it on the wall as-is!

25 tall x15" wide (with an additional 8.5" on each side at the top). So the total top width is 32". This textile would have been used as a baby carrier by the women of the Hmong Tribe. You can see all of the stitch work on the back of the cloth.

About the Hmong Tribe:
The Hmong people are believed to have been the original inhabitants of the Yellow River Valley (ancient China). When expansion took place from the northern part of China, the Hmong were pushed southwards to escape oppression. For centuries, they struggled to establish themselves as independent people. Eventually they settled in what is now known as Laos, Vietnam, an Myanmar, and more recently in the hillside of Thailand.
For ages, the Hmong supported themselves by cultivating Opium Poppy. Recently, they have turned from Opium growing, and are supporting their income from the sales of the beautiful embroidery that you see here.
Women traditionally make the clothing from cotton and other natural fibers. It is traditionally very vibrant, beautifully embroidered, intricate textile, with lots of animal and floral themes.

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