African Wall Hanging Rwandan Baskets, Small, Bright Pinks & Neutrals

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Small African Basket, Handmade Rwandan Basket, Wall Hanging, 7.5"

Have you seen the basket walls everywhere and wanted to create your own?  If you love a pop of color with a pop of neutral, this is a collection for you!

Color and natural beauty collide in these striking geometric patterned coiled Rwandan sisal baskets. Perfect as table centerpieces, as wall hanging baskets, and for creating that global boho home. Handcrafted in Rwanda by women, from Sisal wrapped around native grasses, these vibrant baskets are not only beautiful, but widely functional too.

Each basket has a loop on the back so you can hang it on the wall by itself, or with other baskets to create a colorful gallery. These baskets are perfect to hold jewelry, fruit, trinkets and more. Their versatility makes these traditional African baskets so amazing!

By purchasing this basket, you are supporting women in Rwanda, helping them to improve their living conditions, and better the lives of their families.

Each basket measures approximately 7.5" wide, and 2.5" deep.

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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