Orange Cotton African Mud Cloth (Bògòlanfini) Textile from Mali, West Africa

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This beautiful piece of Mud Cloth (traditionally called Bògòlanfini) fabric is from Mali, West Africa. The name quite literally translates into "earth with cloth." Mud Cloth is usually woven by men, then dyed by women. It is worn by both men and women, and has great cultural significance to the people of Mali. Mud Cloth is traditionally made in earth tones of brown, tan, and black. Recently, bright colors have made their way into the local and world markets. I'm loving this orange!

This fabric is Strip Cloth, meaning it is comprised of strips of fabric that have been sewn together. This piece is made of 10 strips. How about using it as a beautiful table runner, as is. Or how about sewing your own fabulous creation? Skirt, curtains, shirt, bag, the possibilities are endless.

Fabric measures 48" wide x 58.5" long.

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