Vintage Aso Oke Tribal Textile, Blue, Aqua, Tan Tribal Strip Cloth

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This beautiful piece of Aso Oke (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay) fabric is from the Yoruba people from south west Nigeria, made 20-25 years ago. Intricately woven primarily by men, these textiles are known for their beautiful patterns and incredible details. Most Aso Oke is strip-cloth, meaning it is made of multiple strips sewn together.

This piece is made of 8 strips.

Fabric measures 22.5" wide x 73.5" long (the medium piece in the set).

This piece is in good vintage condition.

The colors in this piece are so vibrant. Bright aqua, shimmering royal blue, tan, and some black and white. The aqua sections have beautiful open-weave.
This fabric is the medium section out of a set of traditional Yoruba clothing. Traditionally, it would be worn wrapped around the upper part of the body. How about using it as a beach blanket, picnic blanket, table runner, as is. Or how about sewing your own fabulous creation? Pillow, skirt, curtains, shirt, bag, the possibilities are endless.

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