Aqua Blue Djenne Beads from Mali, Antique Boho 26" Necklace

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✨The MAGIC is in the Details ✨
Approx. Bead Size: 8x3mm
Approx. Hole Size: .5-1mm
Approx. Number of beads: 200
Approx. Strand Length: 26"
Color: Various shades of blue, white, gray & brown

These beautifully aged and old strand of Djenne beads come from Djenne in Mali, Africa. Also known as Roman Glass Beads, these beads are from Italy and were traded into Africa. They are rich shades of aqua blue, hints of deep ocean green, sky blue and white. It is obvious that these beads have been previous worn, buried to keep safe, and travelled far.

You could wear these beautiful beads as is, layer them with other necklaces or break the strands apart to create some boho tribal juju of your own.

These beads are old. They do show some dirt and minor chips on some of the edges. I believe that this is part of their beauty, and attests to their age. African beads have such mystery attached to them; they have been worn for decades, travelled across continents, and will be around for hundreds of years to come. Be a part of their history and let these beads bring some magic to your life.

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