Aqua Blue-Green Gooseberry, 5x4mm, Vintage Tribal Beaded Necklace

How fun is this strand of unique beads?! If you're looking for a strand with a little bit of everything, this is it! These vibrant aqua hued beads are called Gooseberry Beads, named after the stripes on them that resemble an actual gooseberry. There is a section at the top of the strand of deep blue striped cane glass tubes, and a section of black/white gooseberries in the middle of beautiful blue & green beads.

Average Bead Size: 5x4mm
Hole Size: 1-1.25+mm
Approximate Number of beads: 250
Strand Length: 35"
Color: Blue-Green, Black/White

They come strung on twisted twine in a loop, the way African beads are traditionally strung on raffia, measuring approximately 35" (twisted twine measures about 5" and the the bead portion around 30").

These beads date back as to the early 1900's and were made in Venice, Italy, before being traded into Africa. Since they are so old, they do show some minor dirt and scratches, and some of the ends are slightly chipped or worn, indicating that they are true trade beads. That is part of the beauty of African Trade Beads.

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