Bark Brown Moroccan Leather Tassel, 3.75", 1 Tassel

The quality on these is incredible! Beautifully consistent and handmade, these leather tassels come from Morocco. The rich smell of leather wafts out every time I open the bag of these beauties. Soft and supple, the leather has beautiful texture to it.

If tribal is your style, these tassels will make you squeal. These are a beautiful rich chocolate brown leather that has been rolled and cut, then wrapped with cotton thread at the top.

This juju of a bundle is approximately 3 3/4" from top to bottom, with a leather strap at the top that measures approximately 6/8". They are approximately 7/16" wide.

These make great pendants, and would be perfect for incorporating into your fringe-requiring craft projects!

This listing is for 1 tassel.

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