Beaded Afghani Tribal Tassel: Vintage Pashtun Swag, Purse Charm

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These amazing tassels come out of Afghanistan, and are made and worn by the Pashtun people. Tassels and fringe are often associated with gypsy style and decor. It is common for the accessories and clothing of desert people to be very bright and colorful, as a juxtaposition to the environment which is is so barren and void of color.

These incredibly intricate and beautiful tassels will add just the right touch of gypsy style to any of your projects. Each tassel has a sewn loop at the top, and is approximately 6" long.

Listing is for the exact tassel shown here. (TS21)

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**A portion of my proceeds will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.**

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