Big Smoky Disc: Black & Grey Bone Beads, 10x2mm, 90+ pieces

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These incredible black white, dark grey heishi, spacer beads have a rich color, perfect for pairing with either lights or darks due to their mottled texture. Made in India, from cow bone that has been stained a black, white grey, these beads are not completely saturated, so they have great textures in their color, as you can see in the pictures.

Bead Size: 10x2mm
Hole Size: 1.5+mm
Approximate Number of beads:Β 90
Strand Length: 8"
Color:Β Black/Gray

These have a nice slightly-larger hole on them (approximately 1.5-2mm), so they would work on a wide variety of leather, string or cord.

Curious to know about the source of the bone?

In India and Nepal, not much is wasted. So instead of just eating the meat of an animal, every part of the animal is used: bones for things like beads, hides/hair for clothing and accessories and talismans, and the meat is consumed.

The making of these beads and pendants provides a livelihood for families in remote villages in Nepal and India, which we are honored to support and share with you.


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