Black & White Long Tube African Tuareg Tassel, Goat Leather, 6-7"

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If tribal is your style, these tassels will make you squeal. From the Tuareg people, a nomadic people who reside in the Sahara, predominantly in Mali, Niger, and Algeria.

Soft Goat leather has been dyed and cut into strips and wrapped into this juju of a bundle, with approximately a 1/2" leather strap at the top. The strap at the top is either blue or a dark brown.

They measure approximately 6-7" from top to bottom, and 3/4" wide.

****The designs vary slightly, but they all look more or less like one of ones shown here.****

Fringe is important for many reasons in the Tuareg culture. The more abundant the fringe on a person, the more status he or she is said to hold.

These make great pendants, and would be perfect for incorporating into your fringe-requiring craft projects!

Listing is for 1 tassel with multi-colored fringe, and black and white wire details at the top.

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