Chakra Shield: Sterling Silver & 7 Gemstone Focal Pendant

What a power piece! This striking metaphysical & spiritual pendant is like nothing I have come across before, so I couldn't pass it up! It really spoke to me, and I am excited to share it with you.

This sterling Silver pendant is in the shape of a shield, and features a large piece of Moldavite and a large piece of Meteor, set at the top in prong settings. Seven Chakra inspired cabochon gemstones finish off the piece, make this a true powerhouse of a statement piece. While these stones are not arranged in the traditional rainbow chakra spectrum, there are definite chakra connections in this piece. It was handcrafted in Nepal.

The seven gemstones are Garnet, Fire Opal, Peridot, Amethyst, Citrine, Moonstone and Iolite.
See below for the name of each chakra, its significance, as well as the pendant's corresponding gemstone.

Meteor & Amethyst: Crown Chakra (encourages spiritual connection, understanding, bliss)
Garnet: Root Chakra- (promotes instinct, survival, security)
Fire Opal: Sacral Chakra- (supports emotion, sexual energy, creativity)
Moldavite & Peridot: Heart Chakra- (activates compassion)
Amethyst : Crown Chakra (Promotes balance, peace, and wisdom)
Citrine: Solar Plexus Chakra- (supports mental functioning, power, freedom to be one's self)
Moonstone : Sacral Chakra (Promotes protection and abundance)
Iolite : Third Eye Chakra (Meditation stone or Shaman Stone. Promotes Psychic visions.)

This listing is for 1 pendant, the exact pendant that you see here. Pendant measures 3" from top to bottom, and is 1" wide. The bail is 9mm, large enough for a leather or other type of cord.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

**As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts. **

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