Colorful African Glass Christmas Beads, 5-8mm Bright Multicolor

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Happy and bright, these beads are called Christmas Beads. Larger than the typical Christmas Beads, these cheery little guys measure between 5mm-8mm. A variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Some stripes, some solid opaque, some translucent. These make great spacer beads!

You get approximately 22" of beads. They are temporarily strung on twisted twine, which adds another 5". The total strand length is approximately 27", and they are strung in a completed loop.

These beads are old, and they come from Ghana; they do show some dirt and scratches, indicating that they are true trade beads. That is part of the beauty of African Trade Beads.

These beads are strung in a loop, which is how they are traditionally sold in Africa. Break them apart and make some tribal magic of your own.

**As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts. **

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