Embellish Gift Set: Large Tassel, Smudge Kit, Sisal Basket, Selenite Wand

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Gift the most colorful pop of positive with this good-vibe gift set.  She can embellish her special place with the greatest tassel ever, promote spiritual development with Selenite, while smudging away the negative using the Smudge Kit. A handcrafted basket from Rwanda is a colorful resting spot for trinkets and treasures. 

This bundle includes:

  • Big Blue Tassel (New! 10 inches of ombre blue, and an oversized loop handle.) 
  • Smudge Kit: Sage, Abalone Shell, Feather, Sweet Grass, Cedar, Charcoal Tablet
  • Sisal Basket: Handcrafted by Rwandan women, Approx 9" 
    • Colors will be as shown, but patterns may vary slightly
  • Purple Selenite Wand 

Retail Value: $55

All bundles will ship gift-wrapped.

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