Floral Smudge Stick Wand, Good Juju, Meditation, Intentional Living

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I wish you could hold these gorgeous wands in your hand via this listing. These beauties feel so special and so powerful.

They would make a beautifully unique gift for a spiritual friend.

Handmade from dried blue sage paired with either gorgeous rose petals, luscious lavender, cedar tree sprigs/ star anise and a stunning crystal. Made from dried herbs and flowers grown in an organic, chemical-free garden in Utah.

Rose petals are paired with rose quartz, lavender is paired with amethyst, and the winter blend is paired with quartz.
Please choose your flower type and crystal from the drop down menu.

No two sticks are alike.

Sticks measure approximately 8" tall.

Each smudge stick comes with smudging tips and a printed prayer. To use: light your smudge stick and move about your space in a manner of intention with slow wafting movement. You can recite a mantra or prayer if you'd like. Be sure to get the smoke in the corners. When you are finished, you can put the sage out in a shell or other flame-proof surface, or leave it burning.

Some appropriate times for smudging:
✨When you want to cleanse the energy in your space
✨When you move into a new living space
✨When you begin a new job, start your own business, or are starting on a new project
✨Before and after a guest enters your home
✨Before and after a yoga or healing session
✨When the seasons change
✨During a new moon
✨Before meditation
✨After an argument or any illness

More about smudging:
Spiritually, in cultures worldwide, smudging and the burning of fires or incense, has been an important part of ceremony, connection with the divine, clearing of energies, and the raising of vibrations. The smoke of sage in particular is believed to be intolerant of negative energies and low vibrations, and is believed to aid in raising energies and vibrations. The colorful dried flowers in these bundles are like an extra offering to the divine, a beautiful gift for the Universe.

Note: The information and items presented and sold here are strictly for educational, recreational, and spiritual use. Items are sold as curios, and I DO NOT guarantee any effective outcome for legal, financial, health, love or any other advice. Your fate and personal intent and wisdom will convey your outcome.

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