Fuchsia Solar Quartz Slice Disc Beads, 17x4mm, 19 pieces

These sparkling beauties are a bit natural magic, a bit man-made sparkle. Solar Quartz beads have been coated with a fuchsia pink mystic AB sparkle, so they have an iridescence that makes you do a double-take. 

They have the lovely rough edges of solar quartz, and are coated on their edges and flat sides, so they have patterned sparkle from all angles.

Approx. Bead Size: 17x4mm
Approx. Hole Size: .7mm
Number of beads: 19
Color: Fuchsia with Blue, Green, Yellow Iridescent Edges 

Metaphysically, Quartz enhances one's energy connection to spirit and harmony. Solar Quartz is slices of stalactites, so you can see the natural formation of the crystal from the flat side of these beads. 

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