Funky Freesia: 6mm African Vinyl Record Disc Beads

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These fabulous beads are made in Africa from Vulcanite, a material that was used to make vinyl records. They are known as Vinyl Record Beads, since they are made from the same material. Natively, they are called "jigida beads," which is a really fun name to say!

These beads hail from Mali, where women wear them around their waist, to help them hold their shape.

Beads are 6x.5mm thick.

These beads are strung in a loop, the way beads are traditionally sold in Africa.There are HUNDREDS of beads on this 32"+/- strand.

Many of this style of bead are vintage, but these are newer strands. This shade of Ultra Violet color is so amazing, and so now!

So perfect with the current TRIBAL and NEON fashion trends.

If you are interested in quantity pricing or wholesale, please convo me. I have lots of different colors and sizes!


As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief.


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