Herkimer Diamond A-Grade Sliced Briolette Beads, 22x10mm, 4 pieces

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These A-Grade Herkimer Diamond beads are beautifully raw and earthy, and such an unusual cut. Natural crystals have been sliced into pendants, with the hole going across the top. You can see the natural crystal formation in the outer shape of each pendant. These beads have beautiful inclusions and some have air pockets in them. This is a really unusual cut for these magical beads!

These are 100% natural Double- Termilinated Quartz, meaning they have a natural crystal point on each end. Energetically, this makes them very powerful beads, as they can not only project their own energy, but they can magnify and take in other energy. Herkimer Diamonds are Crystal Quartz that has hair-like rutiles shooting through it. These are beautiful clean (cleaner than the other ones in my shop), so they have a great clarity and sparkle to them.

These beads are natural crystals that have been drilled into beads.

You will receive 4 loose beads that measure approximately 22x10mm, though size may vary some as these are natural beads.

I direct-import all of the items that I sell. My husband and I travel to India several times a year and hand-select all of our goods, directly at the source. It brings me great joy to share my findings with you here!

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