LAST PIECE/Adire Batik, Indigo Blue Circles, Nigerian African Batik Fabric

So rich and beautifully bold and vibrant color, this fabric is hand-dyed in Nigeria by the Yoruba people, using a traditional wax resist technique. This traditional pattern is called "Cycle of Life." With different sized circular prints, it reminds us of a fingerprint or a beautiful paper lantern.

This listing is for a piece of fabric that is 48" wide x 22" long. It features about 17" of the circle pattern, with 5" of solid blue at the end. This is the LAST PIECE I have available of this fabulous fabric!

If you are looking for fabric for accent pieces in your home, you have found it! These richly colored batik fabrics add just the right pop of tribal feel to a home. So intricate, full of life, and bold, these batik fabrics are so boho, gypset, and Anthropologie.

These pictures are taken outside, in natural light. I have done my best to capture the actual color of the cloth, but please note that sometimes the colors are so vibrant that the camera has a hard time capturing it.

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