Mini Nepali Jingle: Brass Bells with Clapper, 11x15mm, 3 pieces

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Calling all the JINGLE ladies! Do you feel the magic when you hear a bell ringing too? There's something undeniably magical about the sound and these make such a gentle little ring, not tinny or obnoxious at all.

These are perfect for all of your holiday decorating and gift wrapping.

Bell Size: 11x15mm
Approximate Hole Size: 5x4mm
Number of Beads: 3
Color: Golden Brass

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In Nepal, pregnant women wear these bells around their necks. The baby can hear the jingling of the bell from inside the mother's belly. After the mother gives birth, the baby finds comfort in the mother being near, from the jingling of the bell. I love this!

Here's a little personal anecdote about these bells: we lost our golden retriever a few months ago to cancer. I miss his presence, but I also miss his sounds. Wearing this bell on my neck makes such a gentle jingle, it comforts me and makes me remember his presence with a smile.

As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief.

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