Neon Stripe: Super-Rare Vintage African Vinyl Record Beads

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These babies are the rarest of the rare when it comes to Vinyl Record Beads. More than half of this strand of beads is made up of striped discs. I found a mini jackpot of these recently, and have never come across them in (mostly) full strands before. Traditionally, these beads are solid colored, like the pink ones on the rest of the strand.

These fabulous beads are made in Africa from Vulcanite, a material that was used to make vinyl records. They are known as Vinyl Record Beads, since they are made from the same material. Natively, they are called "jigada beads," which is a really fun name to say!

They are vintage, and hail from Mali. Women wear them around their waist, to help them hold their shape. Really cool strand with nice blocks of color.

The entire strand is 29.5" long. 21.5" of the strand are made up of 13mm red and yellow striped discs. The pink beads measure 14mm. These beads are beautifully aged, and extremely unusual. The stripes are so fun! These beads are so old that they have slightly "cupped" in shape over the years. They are normally flat discs (like the pink ones), but these are slightly con-vexed with age. You can see the gentle cupping shape in the pictures.

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