Nepali Brass Bell Ornament, Rustic Holiday Decor, Meditation Gift for Yogi

These ornate brass bells from Nepal are are perfect little reminders of intentional living, and they're also perfect holiday decor! Each bell has Kirtimukha (glorious face) cast on both sides. This depiction is a monster's face with fangs that is commonly used in the iconography of Himalayan and South East Asian temple architecture.

The ferocious face symbolizes the mindless pursuit of power and pleasure that resides in every human. It is a reminder to us to keep our egos in check and lead a more mindful existence.

These would be a beautiful addition to a shrine, and their leather cord makes them perfect for hanging on a tree as an ornament.

Add a little juju jingle to your day with these brass beauties.

This listing is for one bell, each measuring approximately 1.5" wide, by 1.75" from top of loop to bottom of bell. The hole in the loop itself measures approximately 7mm.
These come hanging on a leather cord that measures approximately 4" long.


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