Essential Oil: Sandalwood or Ood Perfume, Oud Ittar, 5ml

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Have you ever walked into a room, and overheard other people asking, "who smells so good?" This will be your experience with this Ood Gold Ittar or Sandalwood (essential oils).

Bold, earthy, woodsy, and rich, these scents are intoxicatingly exotic.

Ood (also spelled Oud, or Oudh) oil, comes from the Southeast Asian agar (aquilaria) tree. On the rare occasion that this tree becomes infected with a particular kind of mold, it produces a resin known as "liquid gold." Both the resin and the wood holding the resin are referred to as "liquid gold." Supposedly fewer than 2% of wild agar trees produce this resin.

Sandalwood, which smells heavenly- very woodsy and earthy, with a light note.  The wood it hails from is known to keep its rich scent for decades.

Common in the middle east, this scent is little known in the western world. If you are looking for a signature scent that you will be remembered for, this is it.

This listing is for one 5ml vial of Ood Gold or Sandalwood Oil. It is pure, not diluted. A small drop will last all day, and will even linger on your clothing! 

I hand-carry these vials back with me from India. They come from the oldest Ittar (essential oil) shop in Delhi.