Silver Bells: Small Handmade .925 Sterling Silver, 8mm, 1 piece

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There's something perfectly enchanting about these handmade little bells. They have such a perfect little jingle, perfect for adding a magic touch to your jewelry creations. It is such a gentle little sound, not obnoxious at all.

These beauties are entirely handcrafted from Sterling Silver in Thailand, by the Karen Hill Tripe People. The Hill Tribe people are known for their Sterling silver work and handicrafts, and these little bells are no exception to the beauty of their goods.

This listing is for 1 bell that measures 8mm, with a small closed 2mm loop. They are a perfect size for bracelets or necklaces, or even holiday decor.

Here's a fun idea for these bells: In Nepal, pregnant women wear small bells around their necks. The baby can hear the jingling of the bell from inside the mother's belly. After the mother gives birth, the baby finds comfort in the mother being near, from the jingling of the bell. I love this!

Here's a little personal anecdote about these bells: we lost our previous golden retriever to cancer. I missed his presence, but I also missed his sounds. Wearing this bell on my neck makes such a gentle jingle, it comforted me and helped me to remember his presence with a smile.

**As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts. **

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