Snow White African Vinyl Record Disc Beads, 5x.5mm

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These much-sought after white Vinyl Record Beads are just what you need for that fresh summer look! Such a great shade of white- they will make all of your bright colors POP! These fabulous beads are made in Africa from vulcanite, which is the material that vinyl records were made from, hence the name Vinyl Record Beads. Natively, they are called "jigida beads," and women wear them as belly bracelets.

Beads are 5x.5mm thick.

There are HUNDREDS of beads on this 33"+/- strand.

Temporarily strung on thread in a loop, the way they are traditionally strung in Africa. Why not cut them apart and make some vinyl magic of your own?

**A portion of all sales will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.**

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