Striped Party: Rare Yellow + Black Striped, Vintage Beaded Necklace

Ooooh, this strand of striped yellow and black beads! Striped goodness abounds in this delicious strand. These fabulous beads are made in Africa from Vulcanite, a material that was used to make vinyl records. They are known as Vinyl Record Beads, since they are made from the same material. Natively, they are called "jigada beads," which is a really fun name to say!
They are vintage, and hail from Mali. Women wear them around their waist, to help them hold their shape. Really cool strand with nice blocks of color.

This strand is made up of an assortment of discs. Half of the strand is made up of yellow and black striped discs, which are super rare and so much fun. The other half is red, yellow, and black discs. The entire strand is approximately 33" long. These beads are strung in a loop, they way they are traditionally strung.
Such an unusual strand!

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**A portion of my proceeds will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.**