Vibrant Blue Kente Cloth, Vintage Tribal Textile, 40.5" x 61"

This fabulous Ashanti cloth is such a deliciously rich and vibrant color combo. What a brilliant blue! And as this is an Ashanti cloth, it is very soft and supple.

The Ashanti people live in central and southern Ghana. They are known for their intricate, mostly geometric weavings. The men are responsible for the weaving, while the women help spin the yarn and stitch the strips together.

These cloths used to be made by silk that would be traded into African from India. As time went on, the silk was replaced by cotton and then rayon. Ashanti Kente cloth used to be worn primarily by kings and high-ranking chiefs, but now it is worn by any Ashanti people, but normally on special occasions.

This particular fabric was made in the 1970's. This is a female cloth, and it is in beautiful condition. 12 strips of woven cloth are stitched together to make a beautifully rich and intricate pattern.

This cloth is made from Rayon, and the entire cloth measures 40.5" x 61".

It is in beautiful vintage condition; there is one corner where there has been a water stain, as you can see in the last photo. This doesn't detract from overall beauty of this piece.

Ashanti weavers still weave today, which is how these vintage cloths are still made available.

This piece has finished edges on 2 sides and fringe on the 2 vertical ends. It would make an incredible wall hanging, table cloth or blanket. Many people also use these cloths for reupholstering, sewing, or other decorating purposes.

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