LAST PIECES: Living Coral Pink Fringed Tassel Trim, 3/4" wide

Tassels and trim, all in one?! Yes, please!

Trim is 3/4" wide in total; the tassels are approximately 1/4" of that length. The remaining width is made up of woven trim with gold accents.

This listing is for 4 pieces of various lengths (34", 33.5", 26.75", 14") for a total of 108.25" (3 yards). These are the LAST PIECES of this amazing trim available.

When I stumbled upon this magnificent combination on our recent buying trip, my heart skipped a beat. Two of my favorite things rolled into one!

This vibrant trim has small tassels on one edge. The tassels are nicely gathered and have a great texture to them; the threads don't droop, but have enough stiffness to them that the tassels hang beautifully.

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