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Since 2014, WomanShopsWorld has been a powerful force in the creative industry, providing our famous tassels, bone beads, and jewelry-making supplies to professional creators located in every corner of the globe. We’re here to provide you with uncommonly cohesive, high-quality materials that are ethically sourced from our handmade artisans in India and Africa.

Learn our story, explore our products, and step into the WomanShopsWorld lifestyle - one filled with color, delight, and creativity.

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Silky Luxe Jewelry Tassels, 3.5" Fringe Pendant

Jewelry Making Tassels & Pom Poms

Hand Carved Target Bone Beads, 12x9mm, Rondelle Spacers, 24 beads

Hand Carved Bone Beads

Chevron Ribbon: Embroidered Silk Trim, Indian Sari Border, 3 1/8" wide

Indian Sari Border Trims & Ribbons

Blog Posts

How to DIY Candy Heishi Disc Beaded Bracelets

How to DIY Candy Heishi Disc Beaded Bracelets

Jewelry should make you smile; otherwise, what's the point?! Spring into fun with the most fashionable jewelry on the block.  Warmer weather means longer days, shorter sleeves and new opportunities to rock a kaleidoscope of arm candy. 

Let us show you how to DIY the coolest accessory of the season: enamel bead  bracelet stacks. These beaded bracelets are reminiscent of the bracelets and necklaces you strung for your friends at camp: whimsical, colorful, easy to match, and easy to stack. There's a reason you loved this style, and a reason it's making a comeback: it's fun!


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10 Ways to Stay Creative & Mentally Healthy while Social Distancing

10 Ways to Stay Creative & Mentally Healthy while Social Distancing

These past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions, with rising health concerns and adjusting to a strange new way of life. Social distancing is vital to "flattening the curve" of COVID-19, in order to reduce the effect this pandemic is having on humanity and life as we know it. As necessary as this is, by nature we are social beings and creatures of habit, so isolation and changes to routine can be extremely difficult to cope with.
Now more than ever, people are turning to creatives for entertainment and guidance in coping with difficult emotions. 

We created a list to turn to in the moments we feel overwhelmed by the challenges of social distancing and wanted to share it with you, our fellow creatives. It is our hope that you'll find a new way to stay creatively inspired & mentally healthy during self quarantine.

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30 Things To Do on Leap Day 2020

30 Things To Do on Leap Day 2020

Every four years, leap year gives us the gift of an extra day on February 29. While the exact science is beyond my scope, it is my basic understanding that this happens because it takes Earth just over 365 days to rotate around the sun. Our ancestors developed a calendar with an extra day every four years to best keep in line with our home planet’s rotations. 

This Leap Day, we're seizing the opportunity to have more FUN, and we've compiled a list of 30 things to do. Which one is your favorite?

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The Art of Mala Making

Sign-up here to download The Art of Mala Making Guide, a step-by-step visual tutorial that teaches you how to create your own mala, and how to use it in your spiritual practice. Making a mala by hand allows you the opportunity to create a meaningful and powerful adornment infused with your own devotion and energy!


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