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Since 2014, WomanShopsWorld has been a powerful force in the creative industry, providing our famous tassels, bone beads, and jewelry-making supplies to professional creators located in every corner of the globe. We’re here to provide you with uncommonly cohesive, high-quality materials that are ethically sourced from our handmade artisans in India and Africa.

Learn our story, explore our products, and step into the WomanShopsWorld lifestyle - one filled with color, delight, and creativity.

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Silky Luxe Jewelry Tassels, 3.5" Fringe Pendant

Jewelry Making Tassels & Pom Poms

Bright Bone Beads: Speckled Heishi Spacers, 12x2.5mm

Hand Carved Bone Beads

Pink Blossom Bright Floral Embroidered Silk Trim, 4.5" wide

Indian Sari Border Trims & Ribbons

Blog Posts

How to Wear Mala Beads

How to Wear Mala Beads

For thousands of years, yogis and spiritual enthusiasts have used Mala during meditation. Mala first emerged over 3,000 years ago in India in Buddhist and Hindu prayer during ceremonial meditation called Japa. Contemporaries today still use them for focus during meditation, yoga, and affirmations. These  are widely found in a...

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Tucson Gem Show Shopping Tips

Tucson Gem Show Shopping Tips

Have you heard of that mysterious and alluring gathering in Tucson where the rock hounds, crystal-lovers, and metaphysical community convene? From mid-January through about the end of February, The Tucson Gem Show takes over the the city of Tucson, as it turns into a treasure trove for beads, gemstones, crystals, jewelry making supplies, global antiques, and magical oddities. There is truly an energetic, metaphysical pulse to be felt in Tucson during this inspiring time. It's by far my favorite month of the year. 

Are you thinking of going to Tucson? It's a blast, but it's overwhelming for sure, and it definitely helps to have some insider tips. 

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Our Top 9 Ways to Stay Creative

Our Top 9 Ways to Stay Creative

January is dubbed “International Creativity Month”, did you know that? 

If you’re reading this, you probably already know creativity is basically our love language here in the land of colorful beads & tassels. Creativity takes the essence of life’s magic and transforms it into something more tangible to share with the world. 

It makes sense that January is the month of creativity. A new year brings with it a blank canvas, but that blank canvas can be intimidating too. We like to keep our other energy channels open, and our lives as balanced as possible, to not stymie that sometimes elusive creativity. 

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The Art of Mala Making

Sign-up here to download The Art of Mala Making Guide, a step-by-step visual tutorial that teaches you how to create your own mala, and how to use it in your spiritual practice. Making a mala by hand allows you the opportunity to create a meaningful and powerful adornment infused with your own devotion and energy!


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