Little Ship of the Desert: Silver Camel Pendant, 2.75"

There is something magically wonderful about camels. They are said to be the ship of the desert due to their ability to thrive as mode of transportation in the dry climate.

This beautiful pendant will make the most beautiful bold statement. Handcrafted in Nepal from Fine Silver, the workmanship in this pendant is incredible. It is hollow, so it doesn't weigh as much as it looks like it does.

Decorated and adorned on one side with an oval piece of Turquoise that is bezel-set in the center.
We have a camel facing each direction, as shown in pictures. Please choose your preference from the drop-down menu.

This piece would be as beautiful hanging on a wall as it would be hanging on your neck.

The camel measures 2.75" wide, x 2.75" tall. The bail adds an additional .45" in height.

The opening of the bail measures approximately 9mm.

**A portion of my proceeds will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.**

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