Mini Jewelry Tassels w/ GOLD Binding, 1.25"

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Everything in life is better with tassels!

These handmade cotton tassels are created with jewelry designers in mind. They are perfect for making tassel earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The Magic is in the Details:

Length: 1 1/4"
Material: Cotton
Binding Color: Gold
Individual wrapped.
Twisted loop at top to string through and attach to your creations. See photos for close-up. 

How to Order

1. Decide how many tassels you'd like from "Choose Your Quantity" drop down at top right.
2. If you need a quantity other than what is offered, use "QTY" button to add on (Example: QTY 2 of Quantity 60 tassels = 120 tassels total).                        
3. Scroll through the photos in this listing to photo #5.
4. Enter your colors in the "Color Choices" box above "Add to Cart" (Example: 2 of #1, 3 of #4, 5 of #5)
5. Double check to make sure tassel quantity matches the color quantities requested.
6. Add to Cart.
7. Choose a shipping upgrade if you need faster delivery. We ship orders within 1-3 business days. 

Top 12 Pantone Palette for Fall 2019:

Chili Pepper - 23
Biking Red - 66
Crème de Pêche - 72
Peach Pink - 71
Rocky Road - 78
Fruit Dove - 80 *new
Sugar Almond - 61
Dark Cheddar - 3
Galaxy Blue - 53
Bluestone - 81 *new
Orange Tiger - 68
Eden - 83 *new

Classic Palette FALL 2019:
Vanilla Custard - 40
Evening Blue - 82 * new
Paloma - 12
Guacamole - 24

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The Details on the Tassels

In this age of the tassel craze, you can spot it from across the boutique: the earrings with poorly made tassels: low quality thread, awkward lengthed loop, and messy binding.
You deserve better! Don't be that girl with subpar fringe! With WomanShopsWorld tassels, you can create with confidence and know you're investing in reliable, high quality components that are ethically sourced in a socially responsible manner.

The Mini Cotton Designer Tassels are best-sellers!
These 1.25" tassels are of the highest quality. Perfect to add to earrings, necklaces and beyond!
Designed by and handmade exclusively for WomanShopsWorld, quality tassel supplier. You won't find this quality anywhere else on the market, guaranteed!

⚡ ⚡⚡ ⚡ ⚡⚡ ⚡ ⚡
Want to turn these cotton cuties into earrings?! It's super simple! You just need to order 2 matching tassels & 1 pair of ear wires

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